smart delivery Driver App

Merces Benz, car2go group and Smart developed a new way of in car delivery for customers. Delivery Personell will use a custom designed app to conduct the delivery.

The delivery personell, types in the tracking number of each delivery. The Location of the delivery will be listed in an itenarary.



The application guides the delivery driver to the location of the customers car.



The Application can open up the trunk of the customers car by two way authorization.



The Pakage get´s delivered in the customers car.



The Driver closes the trunk and locks the car with the application.



Since this application is more a working tool for delivery personell than customer faced - the interface has to be used fast and easy.



Casio watches from yesterday, early Gameboy and signing devices have been a template. Unfortunately, incoorporating 8-bit sound effects had been denied.



smart drop / Driver application


smart / DHL / Daimler TSS

Role & Function

User Interface Designer