Mercedes Benz do Brazil

Mercedes Benz in Brazil produces and sells a lot of Trucks & Busses. The manufacturing and the retail - generates a lot of data that is collected and consumed in traditional ways.

In order to explore a centralized approach, i was tasked to work on a prototye of an application that gathers tetrabytes of data and make it possible to navigate them with ease. Either on a Desktop or a mobile device.

All the figures in the designs - are fictional. They are not real. The interface designs are..but the numbers...are phantasy numbers. Dont worry, i´ll remind you.




Seeing the current or past status of your business instantly - is always beneficial. Settings for individualized views are available. 


The plan is, beeing introduced with all actual data  as a single point of truth. Comments, most important financial figures and live data on sales.  The figures ? All pure phantasy.





To explore sales numbers and filter it by region, a map with indication on volume and the most selling product is helpfull.  Why not also show right away what your hero product is ?

Obviously, in reality all products are equally sold extraordinary well. Phantasy numbers and products are shown here. I like busses. I´d like to have my own bus. Parking would be hard and Gas stations would ruin me...getting of track. Just mockup data. Not real !



If you produce different kind of busses, all kinds of costs have to be tracked. You obviously plan the money you´ll spent on things.

In order to see right away if you are over a planned amount of money - it sure would be nice to see if you´re over and by how much.




Quick access of complex data..even on small screens is beneficial to make business decisions.

Say, your power bill is ramping up - you should be alarmed visually right away.

That never happens of course - its just a example. Phantasy numbers..remember ?



Simulating special scenarios with the predictive outcome visual imediately.

Like mentioned, all shown data is originated from my phantasy. A phantasy in which i drive my own public transit Bus to run errands and park it in front a grocery store. Then everybodys mad because i take up too much space but i smooth things over with offering free rides home. My point is..the numbers arent real.


iPad air3iPad air3


The Prototype is SAP Hana based and it was a lot of fun to dive into this almost-big data territory.

Mercedes Benz do Brazil, Application case study / prototype


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