car2go is the worlds largest carsharing Provider. With over 25 cities worldwide, it is challenging to design for a service that has to serve different languages and cultures. The redesign of an outdated website has been a challenging task. Coordinating through three timezones and catering to variing needs of each city demanded a massive preperation. 

The new Design had to be suited to markets of different visuals customs. At the same time, authoring the site, had to be as simple as possible - while also covering different cultural needs.

I decided on a modular approach. One styleguide while still maintaining necessary flexibility for multiple usecases.



The user account  section for maintaining customer data has been completely overhauled.

Complex information about  the product usage had to be made effortles assesable - throughout digital devices.

The usage of the Product, is orchestrated in real time. I like animations.

Parts of the website are now part of the mobile aplication to update information instantly.

splashScreenHerosplashScreenHero global relaunch


Daimler TSS / Sinner Schrader

Role & Function

Project Lead / Art Direction / User Interface Design